Learning Through Art, 2013

June 11, 2013 – August 25, 2013




20 third grade students from CP Judimendi in Vitoria-Gasteiz
Teachers: Karmele Paz and Isabel López

21 fifth and sixth grade students from CP Zubialde in Zeberio
Teacher: Izaskun Garrote

16 fifth and sixth grade studentss from CP Arrankudiaga in Arrankudiaga
Teachers: Javier Bravo and Iratxe Agirre

12 sixth grade students from CP Las Viñas in Santurtzi
Teacher: Inmaculada López

24 third and fourth grade students from CP Arrateko Andra Mari in Eibar
Teachers: Miren Zabaleta and Maite Rescalbo.

24 sixth grade studentss from CP Belaskoenea in Irún
Teacher: Lourdes Castelló

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Elssie Ansareo

"We established relationships between the different knowledge areas within our reach to encourage creativity. In this way, we approached learning from a new perspective, from a shared artistic experience."

Naia del Castillo

"It's been a fantastic experience, and it has shown that by learning through art a child can have fun and learn to think for his or herself while at the same time respecting the group and each other. The children also learn how to communicate with the world through their work."

Ibon Garagarza

"In my work with these 16 boys and girls new challenges have been presented to them in an attempt to change their idea that art is something foreign and static. Taking as starting point the work of some Basque artists, especially their presence in public spaces, two actions were carried out in Arrankudiaga."

Maider López

"Based on Italo Calvino’s story Trading Cities, we used string to build a network of relationships between students, making spatial transit impossible. The different ways and means of moving about in our environment require collaboration as the only approach. In the new dynamics, each individual finds his or her place in the group and what to contribute to it based on personal competence."

Iñaki Gracenea

"The boys and girls made models to represent their dreams–dreams to share and to live in greater harmony. Some of them came from skepticism, from the belief that change was a kind of utopia; many others came from the hope that one day dreams would come true. Art has helped us to materialize these ideas. It has allowed us to think about a better future, and like so many other times throughout history, has enabled us to project a different reality. Don't stop dreaming."

Jorge Rubio

"Every year, at the beginning of each project, we identify a route we want to take ... but while we're on our journey, unforeseen circumstances make the boat shift from the perfect route. It's not drifting, it’s not a total loss of control at the mercy of the elements, but rather a natural shift in any event subject to the unpredictable changes that surround us."

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